from TV Guide 2012.05.30

from TV Guide 2012.05.30




[Miyatama at Kis-My-MiNT tour, Osaka shows 5/5-6]

sorry, I couldn’t find twitter reports for the 5/6 13:00 show because I had no internet access then :( I will post them separately if I can find them.

Kis-My-MiNT Tour, May 5th 13:00

  • During someone else’s talk in the MC Tamamori told Miyata, without using his microphone, to go take him some water. As Miyata did it he appeared by accident in the screen where Fujigaya was being shown, then disappeared, then appeared again.
    F: What the hell are you doing?
    M: Tama told me to get him some water so I came, but the first bottle I took was empty (laugh)
    The members laughed at him saying “Are you his butler?” “Sebastian!” (t/n: not a reference to the “Black butler” manga. For some reason, Sebastian is considered THE common butler name in Japan.) “gofer!”, but nonetheless Miyata kept smiling and gave the water to Tama, who didn’t join in the name-calling and just naturally told him “Thank you”, smiling.

Kis-My-MiNT Tour, May 5th 18:00

  • MC. During a talk between Kitayama, Nikaido and Senga, somehow Tama ended up next to Miyata.
    T: “Somehow I thought I had to make the space between the various members more even, and I ended up here…”
    M: “Did you want to come next to me so bad, Ta~ma?”
    Tama silently moved away from Miyata. 
  • During the encore Miyata came out on stage with a camera and immediately pointed it to Tamamori. Tamamori made an “okay, okay” face and shrugged; nonetheless, Miyata kept following him with the camera without giving up.

Kis-My-MiNT Tour, May 6th 18:00

  • MC. During Tamamori and Fujigaya’s talk, Miyata tried to go between them.
    F: “There’s this thing between Miyata and Tamamori, right? That’s why Miyata and I don’t have any kind of relationship at all.”
    M: “Gaya-san and I get along really well when cameras aren’t rolling and we are always chatting, but he’s always denying that in public!”
    F: “Nah, it doesn’t exist at all.”
    M: “Well, I’m okay with a love triangle within us…”
    T: “Well then, let’s make it clear. Who do you like better between me and Gaya?”
    M: “The one I love… is only Tama”.
    Tamamori grinned happily. Fujigaya made a face like “First you say love triangle, then you say you only love Tama, idgi”
  • Miyatama car makes its appearance again! (ftr, this is Miyatama car:

    Tamamori was on the hanamichi that leads to the centre stage from the main stage, and Miyata was a little far away. Tamamori made a hand gesture to invite him and Miyata started skating at full speed towards him. They formed the Miyatama car and Tamamori asked a Kanju boy to push them, then Anderson and Takada Sho joined and the car started running. It crashed when they arrived on the main stage though.
  • During Shake it up’s Kisumai step. Tamamori pointed at Miyata as if to say “you stay there, okay?”  → Miyata gets closer to Tamamori while dancing  → Tamamori pushes him away and orders him again to stay away  → Miyata moves away, then gets closer again… this was repeated about four times apparently XD
  • Encore. As they were skating on the aisles, Miyata passed behind Tamamori, touched his butt and ran away.

[Miyatama at Osaka shows 5/3-4 and Osaka Kis-My-Party]

sorry for the reports delay T_T I will pick up from where I’ve left soon, in the meantime have some Osaka juiciness!

Kis-My-Party in Osaka, May 2nd

  • One of the guests was a boy, so they asked him who was he a fan of. Then Miyata asked Tamamori: “Ne, Tama-chan, who are you a fan of?” and Tamamori replied icily “I am going to KILL YOU.”

Kis-My-Mint Tour, May 3rd 18:00

  • Apparently Miyatama touched each other a lot of time during the show and Tamamori was very deredere to Miyacchi in general. Not much happened in terms of MCs though, unless we count Fujigaya trying to divide them and calling them “Miyatama” (then immediately correcting himself to “Miyata and Tamamori”).

Kis-My-Mint Tour, May 4th 13:00

  • During “Love is you” Miyata tried to kiss Tamamori on the cheek (and failed)
  • During “Shake it up”, they were close all the time and kept shooting glances (or just plain looking) at each other and grinning.
  • During “Fire beat”, too (which reportedly wasn’t performed on carts like the previous shows, but on stage, with the OLD choreography -> Miyatama in symmetric position!)
  • MC. Miyata was in charge of leading the MC but he was messing it up.
    T: “When we’re back to the hotel I will lecture you!”
    M: “Eeeeeh (laughs)”
    Ki: “By the way, yesterday night at the hotel…”
    T (interrupts): “NO NO NO NO NO NO absolutely don’t say that! (frantically)”
    M: “Yesterday when we got into the hotel room Tama jumped on my bed and made it all messy, and when I was about to make his bed messy in revenge he told me ‘If you do that I won’t ever forgive you’…”
    T: (relieved) “Ah, you meant that…”
    (I wonder what happened that Tama didn’t want us to know XD) 
  • MC. Ki: “Miyata came out of the bathroom into the bedroom stark naked, so I touched his butt and it was wet!”
    M: “That’s because I hadn’t dried myself properly with the towel! D:”
    T: (in a small voice, eyeing them with an unimpressed face) “…ew” 

Kis-My-Mint Tour, May 4th 18:00

  • MC. Fujigaya’s laughing face came up on screen and all the fans kyaaed. 
    F: “Is it so weird? I laugh all the time!”
    So the cameramen proceeded to show on the screen a closeup of each member’s smiling face. Last was Miyata who showed a ridiculous weird face instead of a smile and all the members laughed, especially Tamamori and Fujigaya who were actually doubling up with laughter.
    T: “Miyacchi, do that at the hotel!”
    M: “Oh, okay! I’ll do that for you before we sleep. You’ll have great dreams thanks to that. I’ll do that from my bed to you when you’re just about to fall asleep.”
    Ki: “I’ll see that from beyond Tama XD”
    Y: “Wouldn’t it be good if you did it when Tama gets up, too? Try doing that?”
    Tamamori closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. Miyata got close to him.
    M: (whispering in T’s ear) “Tama, Tama~ wake up ♥”
    and then changed to the weird face from before. Tamachan laughed lots.
    Ki: “And what if Tama didn’t wake up?”
    Again, Tamamori pretended to be asleep and Miyata whispered in his ear to wake him up; apparently Kitayama wanted him to say “Stand up, Joe!” like the coach in Ashita no Joe but Miyata didn’t pick that up.
    M: “Ah, got it! Let’s do it again!”
    T: “No, I’ve had enough already!”
    Tamamori showed his trademark tsun side with this simple answer, even though he had laughed so much for it earlier; but actually a little while later, as other members were talking Tamamori asked a couple times again to Miyata to do that face again, without talking into the microphone, and when Miyata refused, he went “Eeeeh” and sulked.